Curriculum vitae 

Lives and works in Oslo

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Curatorial works

  • 2019 Carnival Union, a celebration, action and protest. 
  • 2017, Editor for a publication about Galleri 69, Grünerløkka Lufthavn, edited together with artist and curator Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes and artist Kristin Bergaust, professor at KHiOA. Designer Ulf Carlsson. 
  • 2017, FSS, Prologue 3, seminars discussing art and activism, Art Activism and Feminism in the Middle East, with Pacini and Dahl
  • 2016, FSS, Prologues 1 an 2, seminars discussing art and activism: White Cube vs. Public Space and Media Activism - Mass vs Micro, with Pacini and Dahl.
  • 2014, FSS, Second Course, symposium with Pussy Riots Nadya Tolokonnikova og Maria Alyokhina, dr. Judith Butler and dr. Rosi Braidotti at the students’ large concert hall Chateau Neuf. Partners: Artists Lisa Pacini Camilla Dahl and art historian Ekaterina Sharova
  • 2014, FSS, Curator for The Feminist Pencil with Russian Vika Lomasko og Nadia Plungian at Galleri 69, Grünerløkka Lufthavn 
  • 2014, FSS, Co-curator for Mordovlag; Lusine Djanyan and Alexey Knedlyakovsky, shown outside Chateau Neuf. Originally outsidethe prison where Nadya Tollokonnikova was imprisoned
  • 2014, FSS, co-curator screening at Kunstnernes Hus (artists House, Oslo) with Goshka Macuga
  • 2013, The First Supper Symposium (FSS), main administrator together with artists Lisa Pacini and Elizabeth Schei, a seminar that celebrated the centennial for female vote in Norway over three days. With Judy Chicago, Dr. Andrew Perchuc (Getty Institute) and Dr. Elizabeth Sackler (Sackler Center for feminist art, Brooklyn)
  • 2013, FSS, co-organizing lectures with art historian Marina Pacini about the sculptor Marisol and photographer Donald Woodman about his photographic work in the house of Fritt Ord (Free Speech)
  • 2013, Curator for Donald Woodman, NM, USA, at Galleri 69
  • 2012, Created The First Supper Symposium with artist Lisa Pacini
  • 2010-2011, Curator and contact for artist swap Poland Norway, with Joanna Pawlic, EEA-grants
  • 2008, Art Swap Berlin, publication, networking and seminars for artist run galleries
  • 2005-2008 Member and director (2009) Grünerløkka Lufthavns commitment to art, curating 5 different shows at 69
  • 2003, Curated Modifications with Fidustene at Galleri Tamara
  • 2001, Summer exhibition at Galleri Tamara with cucumbers as theme (summer holiday news in Norway is called Cucumber News)
  • 1998-2003, Manager and curator Galleri Tamara, Norwegian and European artists

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2014, Recall and recollect, Galleri 69
  • 2007, Angels and Devils, at The Hungry Heart, Detroit
  • 2003, Minner om sommer’n, charcoal, Galleri Tamara
  • 2001, Numbers, Galleri Tamara, invitation to paint or make comments on small number posters
  • 1998, Tentaklomobil “Tårnet” Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 1998, Angels and devils, charcoal
  • 1996, RAM Galleri, Total Coco 
  • 1995-2005, Outdoor research projects on fiber objects
  • 1994, T-shirts, hand colored
  • 1992, Outdoor installation with fiber objects
  • 1990, Charcoal drawings


Selected collective exhibitions:

  • 2019, Karnevalet, en utstilling på Interkulturelt museum i regi av First Supper Symposium. 3 works. 
  • 2016, Winter solstice; NOVE SED NON NOVA by Vandaler Foreningperformance
  • 2015, Tenth year anniversary exhibition Galleri 69
  • 2013, Celebration of female right to vote in Norway 100 years, Galleri Schæffersgate 5
  • 2010, Alt_Cph 2010 with Gallery 69, Copenhagen with curator Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes
  • 2010, Supermarket with Galleri 69, Stockholm with curator Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes
  • 2008, At the Museum shop, Galleri 69
  • 2007, Angels and Devils, at the Hungry Heart, Detroit
  • 2006, Hjerte av tull at Galleri 69
  • 2005, Member of Messingblåserne kommer’s performance and exhibition group that discussed the condition of our democracy, performance and video. Participated in 3 different projects that had several screenings. With writer Stein Holte
  • 2004, Galleri 69, culture organization Grünerløkka Lufthavn, different group exhibitions
  • 2004, Oslo Art Festival, four alternative galleries coordinated exhibitions and themes
  • 2003, Galleri Tamara, Modifications, with Fidustene, fixing up old art, with artists Trude Tjensvold, Catherine Haanes and Rolf Flatmo
  • 2003, Galleri Tamara, Uncensored night, Invitation to the public to comment on the Iraqi war on the wall
  • 1999, RAM Galleri, 10 years jubilee, Bomb net, outdoor installation
  • 1999, Notodden Fylkesgalleri, Svingninger; 3 Lifelines, With Nina Heum
  • 1998, Madrid; Vivendo con textiles
  • 1997, Galleri Tamara, Snowscapes, charcoal
  • 1996, Luna, show in Seilduksfabrikken, curator Guttorm Nordø
  • 1995, Luna, 13 editions with 28 different partners, lasting the whole year with Guttorm Nordø
  • 1994-1998, Participating in mail art programs and shows in Seilduksfabrikken, curator Guttorm Nordø
  • 1992, Miniature exhibition Praha, Czechoslovakia
  • 1991, Galleri Tamara , Charcoals
  • 1990, Graduation exam, Arts and Crafts Museum
  • 1990-1999, Grants exhibitions
  • 1997->, Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 1996, Curator for the interior of the Oslo City detox station


Art related work

  • 2020> Manager at Hausmania SA culture house
  • 2019-2020 Praxis in the administration of Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 1999-, Norwegian association for visual artists as administrator responsible for administration of stipend, grants and other types of supports. Designing and editing the early 
  • 1997-2002, Director of the board and member, Norwegian arts- and crafts association, region Oslo and Akershus
  • 1994-1996, Designer and engineer on antique, electric weaving chairs, Det gamle veveri, PCAM 
  • 1984, Responsible for mounting photographic slides, National Gallery, Oslo


Art works, politics and membership:

  • 2020> Member of Billedkunstnerne in Oslo and Akershus
  • 2015-2016, Manager at Norwegian Association for Visual Artists, 8 months
  • 2011-2015, Member of the board Norwegian Association for Visual Artists, the employees representativ
  • 2009, Leader of the board at the culture organisation Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 2004-, Co-runner and member of artistic council at Galleri 69, Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 1997-2009, Member of the board, the culture organisation Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • 1998-2002, Leader of the board, Norwegian Arts and Crafts organisation, StorOslo,
  • 1996-1998, Member of the board, Norwegian Arts and Crafts organisation, Oslo
  • 1991-1995, Member of Young Artists Associations
  • 1999-, Member of Norwegian Association for Visual Artist 



  • 2016, FSS got support from Public Art Norway for hosting Prologues 1- 3
  • 2015, FSS got support from Office of Contemporary Art Norway to attend a seminar in Moscow, hosted by Media Impact on art and activism
  • 2014, FSS organization got support for a publication about feminism, activisme and art from Fritt Ord, Norwegian Arts Council and Visual Artists Remuneration Fund
  • 2014, FSS’ Second Course got support from Fritt Ord, Norwegian Arts Council, Visual Artists Remuneration Fund, Radisson Blue, Baker Hansen and the Norwegian consulate in New York
  • 2013, First Supper Symposium got support from Norwegian Arts Council, Visual Artists Remuneration Fund, Fritt Ord, Radisson Blu, Baker Hansen, Norwegian Artists Association, US Embassy Norway, the Norwegian consulate in New York and the Norwegian embassy in Spain
  • 2010, EEA Grants, Norway Grants for the cooperation project Krakow – Oslo 2011 Travel support from Norwegian Foreign Department for participation at Alt_Cph alternative Art fair, Copenhagen
  • 2010, Travel support from Kulturkontakt Nord for Galleri 69s participation at Supermarket, Stockholm and the Norwegian embassy in Stockholm
  • 1998, Equipment support from the Norwegian Arts Council
  • 1996, Project support from the art- and craft foundation elected by artists committee
  • 1996, Debutant support from the Norwegian Arts Council
  • 1991, The Norwegian state’s establishing grant


Education and knowledge:

  • 2019 Norwegian Business School, Project managment 1
  • 2006 College of Bergen Mediacenter, internet based studies at Creativ Webdesign, 15 points
  • 1988-90 Norwegian Arts and Crafts school (Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustri skole, SHKS), major in textile 
  • 1987 Canidata magisterii, SHKS
  • 1984-87 3 foundation years at SHKS
  • 1983-84 Art history, ground level, University of Oslo
  • 1983 Examen Philosophicum, UiO
  • 1981-83 Drawing schools
  • 1980 Examen Artium, high school


Extended knowledge of picture editing, content managing systems, text editing, spreadsheets and open source programs independent of platforms. Possessing the ability to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge when needed and the ability to convey this to others.