The bomb net was accepted by RAM Galleri in Oslo for their 10 years jubilee in 1999.

The net was made of red coloured coconut rope and plastic strips and was over 5 meters long. 

Coconut fiber rope was used under the second world war to make bomb nets that protected the transport ships against enemy torpedoes. 




The Tentaclomobile is a carpet made out of coconut fiber mats where the fiber is molded down into a rubber bottom. Each piece is cut out by hand and prepared in to get coloured. The prosess is to clean the material by boiling it in salt water and then prepare different coloured baths to get the right look. Then all the parts are stitched together by making holes in the rubber and connect them to each other with a strong thread. Exhibited in 1998.


The rider

The exhaust

Flip over

Back side


Abstract 1

Abstract 2

The cresent

The blueprint