The project is ongoing and will be documented further. It's a reaction to what happened in my recent professional work life. Further translation will come soon!

Aprox. 2 m wide and 3 m tall. Made of old Norwegian post sacks from work. One year back then, we had 28 of this delivered with applications. The materials are jute for the sacks with print and repair work. The text is painted and embroidered with red wool, hand coloured. Finished 2016. The meaning is something like: Fuck you, you fucking goofball!

The second project in the series is 83 cm x 37 cm on cotton woven on an antique mechanic loom with old yarn. Embroidery with satin stitch. A salute to the old boss. The text means: Slime eel, Asshole, Monkey ass. 2014. 

The third project in the series is A fountain of insults. Not yet known by 37 cm on cotton woven on an antique mechanic loom with old yarn. It's a rant with dialect descriptions of goofballs, no matter sex. Thanks to colleges with a abundant vocabulary! 

The piece will be worked on every time I feel the need. New and better pictures will pop up and maybe a translation too. 


This work is called Faen i helvete! The title is printed in binary code saying just that. Faen i helvete! The work is dedicated to my very good friend that have mortal cancer. Unfortunately we cannot choose who get it, but hopefully support them and their families. And carry on their legacies.