Once upon a time, very long time ago, before the world was divided into good and evil. Here are some glimpses of how it possible would have looked like. At the end of the nineties I received a vision that had waited in a timefold to be evoked in charcoal as the only suitable mean to describe this.

Playing angel


The guardian and the pupil

This is what he was

Eros and his protector

Act of revenge

Shut up! Don't nag 


In the hands of a stranger

Autumn in the garden of Eden

The walk to Canossa 

The onlooker

The warrior

Lex and Sumo


Surprised with the dogs dish

Wounded griff

Cloudburst in exposed areas


Don Quijote y Sancho Panza

The pond

Learning how to float

In the ring

Into the sunset



Tickle tickle